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Colortrend create a range of innovative and technically superior acrylic paint that applies smoother and lasts longer.  They are continuously developing their palette of over 2,000 shades – from stunning to subtle, from classic to contemporary.  The results are astounding.


Colortrend Weather – exterior masonry paint is a pure acrylic, premium quality paint specially formulated to meet the demands of irish weather – good and bad to give you home long-lasting good looks. Colortrend weather is mould and mildew resistant, has excellent spread and coverage, is easy to clean and resists dirt pick-up and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Colortrend Ceramic – which gives you a finish that is classically beautiful and naturally tough. By adding ceramic microsphere technology to their acrylic matt the can offer you a super-durable paint that looks and feels great. It dries to a flat matt finish that is silky smooth and super tough. Its matt finish gives minimal light reflection which helps to hide wall imperfections and gives colour richness and depth. Best of all, you can use any colour, in any room, throughout you home…It’s that tough.


Colortrend Interior Matt – is a premium quality, low odour, waterbased emulsion for interior walls and ceilings which dries to a beautiful smooth matt finish and is fully washable.

Colortrend Interior Soft Sheen – is a gentle, illuminating finish which is super-hardwearing. Its high acrylic contend makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms or high traffic areas such as hallways. An easy-clean, scrubbable finish.


Colortrend Historic Collection – is a collection of classic colours inspired by the subtle tones of times past. The beautiful and harmonious palette can be used in any combination throughout any type of building. This luxury collection will give both period and contemporary homes a timeless ambience. The Historic Collection will give you the confidence to choose any combination of colours from the historic palette to bring harmony and character into your home.

Colortrend Historic Luxury Matt – has a dense, flat matt finish that is specially formulated to hide blemishes and imperfections.

Colortrend Historic Soft Sheen – is a low-odour, waterbased emulsion for interior walls and ceilings which offers an easy clean, hardwearing finish – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms or for high-traffic areas such as hallways. ANTIQUE EGGSHELL has a very discreet low sheen which will give woodwork a profound richness.


Colortrend for Woodwork – gives all the traditional durability and beautiful gloss of alkyd resin but use a technologically advanced waterbased formulation, which is kinder to the environment and kinder to you and your family. These paints are virtually odourless wood finishes that dry in hours not days – and leave no lingering solvent smells. They are easy to apply, with great levelling and glow qualities. And clean up is simple, just warm soapy water and you’re done. SATINWOOD is a beautiful soft finish for wood and metal with a tough, easy clean finish. GLOSS is a superb high gloss finish giving you an exceptionally hard wearing, easy clean finish.

Wood Trim Collection

The Colortrend Trim product range offers a water-based alternative to traditional, strong- smelling, solvent-based enamel paint finishes. They are low VOC so they are kinder to occupants, the painter and the environment too! Advances in alkyd resin technology have allowed us to create a range of incredibly quick-drying and, really low-odour, easy- to-use trim finishes. Colortrend Trim products retain all the benefits of traditional solvent coatings – including excellent flow and levelling – in a super hardwearing and easy clean finish.

Colortrend Gloss: A high-gloss alkyd paint for interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces, such as radiators. It’s ideal for garage doors or front doors where a high-sheen finish looks great.

Colortrend Satinwood: A mid-sheen alkyd paint for interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. It’s a popular finish for interior skirting boards and doors.

 Colortrend Undercoat: Recommended for use with Colortrend Gloss and Satinwood – a good start is half the work!

Colortrend Easi Prep

At Colortrend we know that a good start is critical to the final performance of your painting project. The easi-prep range of primers from Colortrend provides an excellent foundation for the job at hand. Whether you’re priming wood, masonry, plaster, ferrous and non ferrous metals – including galvanized surfaces, PVC down pipes and guttering – or getting rid of unsightly stains on wood or plaster, we’ve developed an easi-prep primer perfect to ensure you achieve the best result. All of our easi-prep products are water-based – so they’re safer to work with and kinder to the environment.

Colortrend Easi-Prep Primer Sealer Undercoat: This water-based 100% acrylic primer is suited for both interior and exterior use on all plaster, wood and masonry surfaces. It also adheres well to most plastic down pipes and chutes. It works well with all Colortrend Interior Matt, Ceramic Matt, Weather and Soft Sheen finishes. This product allows surfaces to breathe after its application yet still gives the best adhesion and flexibility of the finished topcoat. It also offers superior protection against blistering, flaking and peeling – perfect to prevent surface deterioration.

Colortrend Easi-Prep Stain Stop EXTRA: Easi-Prep Stain Stop EXTRA is a waterbased acrylic primer specifically formulated to prevent the bleed of household stains on a huge variety of surfaces, including plaster, concrete and masonry surfaces. This product is a great alternative to aluminium primers for preventing bleed through of resin from knots on interior and exterior hard and soft woods, such as cedar, teak, mahogany, red or white deal or pine. It can also be used as a primer for ceramic tiles, glass, fibre glass and even kitchen cupboards and other pre- finished surfaces. Stain Stop EXTRA is low odour, quick drying and easy to clean up with water.

All images taken from colourtrend website