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Crown Trade


Crown Trade Emulsion

Crown Trade: Mid Sheen Vinyl Emulsion

Mid Sheen Vinyl – A mid sheen emulsion for use on interior Walls and Ceilings, especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Tough, durable finish. Quick drying. Excellent wipe ability. Good opacity and Colour retention.

Crown Trade Matt

Crown Trade: Matt Vinyl Emulsion

Matt Vinyl – Ahighly durable premium quality matt emulsion for interior use on wall and ceiling surfaces, where a flat non-reflective finish is required. Excellant opacity, Quick drying, Good colour retention, Available in handy 250ml tester pots. Easy application

crown paint covermatt

Crown Trade: Covermatt obliterating emulsion

Covermatt – An emulsion specially formulated for the first time decoration of a new build interior. Exceptional high opacity. Allows surface to breath. Quick drying ideal for new plaster. Easy to apply.

Crown Paint Eggshell

Crown Trade: Acrylic Eggshell

Acrylic Eggshell – A premium quality fast drying, virtually odour free emulsion as an alternative to solvent -bourne Eggshell. Virtually solvent free. For use on interior Broad wall areas & joinery. Highly durable washable finish. Good flow & adhesion. Minimises disruption.

Full Undercoat – A high quality undercoat for use over correctly prepared & primed joinery & metal. Interior & exterior use. Excellent obliteration. Good wet edge retention. Excellent adhesion & opacity. Maximum gloss hold out when overcoated.
Full Glos crown paint

Crown Trade: Full Gloss

Full Gloss – A high quality decorative and protective finish for use over correctly prepared joinery and metal. Interior and Exterior use. Exceptionally hard wearing and flexible finish. Excellent opacity and film build. High gloss and colour retention. Good flow Properties.

Satin Finish Crown Paint

Crown Trade: Satin Finish

Satin Finish – A tough, durable formulation, offering a washable satin finish for interior woodwork and metal. Excellent durability. Elegant satin finish. Good flow. Easy to apply.

wood primer crown paint

Crown Trade: Wood Primer

Wood Primer – A premium quality wood primer for use on softwood, plywood, chipboard and Flakeboard. Interior and Exterior use. Seals the surface to provide excellent adhesion. Excellent opacity. Provides a sound foundation for painting.

Aluminium Wood Primer crown paint

Crown Trade: Aluminium Wood Primer

Aluminium Wood Primer – designed for interior and exterior priming of hardwood, resinous softwoods and wood treated with wood preservative. Seals stains and tannins in the timber.

Crown Trade: Universal Metal Primer

Crown Trade: Universal Metal Primer

Universal Metal Primer – A top quality metal primer for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys and suitably prepared galvanised steelwork. Excellent adhesion. Rust inhibiting properties. Reduces risk of corrosion.

Sealer Crown Paint

Crown Trade: Alkali Resisting Sealer

Alkali Resisting Sealer – Ideal for priming, sealing and stablising new, dry alkaline surfaces such as new lime plaster, cement and concrete. It can also be used to seal stains, stabilise powdery chalky surfaces and promote adhesive to glass, ceramics and some plastics.

Stain Block PSB Crown Paint

Crown Trade: PSB Stain Block Primer

PSB Stain Block Primer – A high performance primer for use on interior and exterior broadwall and trims. With excellent opacity and stain blocking properties, it creates the ideal primer to cover and seal problem stains such as nicotine and smoke. A water based alternative to Alkali Resisting Sealer.

Crown Paint Extreme Grip

Crown Trade: Extreme Grip Primer

Grip Extreme Fast Drying Primer – This product is a rapid drying, adhesion promoting primer that will lock in stains such as nicotine and tannins. It is ideal for use over difficult substrates including, glass, ceramics tiles, melamine, previously painted surfaces and chalky substrates, as well as most wood and non ferrous metals. Recoatable in 1 hour.

Clean Extreme durable Acrylic Eggshell Crown Paint

Crown Trade: Clean Extreme durable Acrylic Eggshell

Acrylic Primer Undercoat – An economical quick drying general purpose primer / undercoat for interior wood, hardboard and plaster. Not suitable for metal, plastic and loosely bound surfaces. Interior use. Recoatable in 4 hours. good opacity and adhesion.

Crown Aluminium Paint

Crown Trade: Aluminium Paint

Aluminium Paint – A high quality Aluminium paint for interior and exterior use where a durable and metallic effect finish. Exceptional opacity, durable metallic finish.

Heat Resistant Paint – A high quality Aluminium Paint for interior and exterior use on heated pipe work where a durable and bright reflective finish is required. Excellent opacity, suitable for use on heat up to 400c
Crown Paint Clean extreme

Crown Trade: Clean Extreme

Clean Extreme Scrubble Matt – provides a true matt finish with the durability and longevity that allows repetitive cleaning with the added benefit of excellent resistance. Ideal for high traffic areas. Super scrubbable. ISO 11998 Class 1 Scrub Rated.

Epimac Anti slip Floor Coating Crown Paint

Crown Trade: Epimac Anti slip Floor Coating

Epimac & Epimac Anti Slip Floor Paint – An epoxy ester based floor coating with outstanding adhesion for use on interior floors. Durable finish, Low glare satin finish, Resistant to abrasion and scuffing, Resistant to spillages of oil, petrol and detergent, Easy to apply single pack

Mould Inhibiting durable Acrylic Eggshell Crown Paint

Crown Trade: Mould Inhibiting durable Acrylic Eggshell

Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Acrylic Eggshell – A water based durable mould inhibiting acrylic eggshell for use on interior walls and woodwork. Steracryl Mould Inhibiting Acrylic Eggshell contains fungicide to maintain decorated surfaces by inhibiting the development of mould growth on the paint film. For interior wall and metal likely to be disfigured by mould. High durable washable finish. ideal for use in the void premised and areas effected by condensation.

Quick Drying Varnish Crown

Crown Trade: Quick Drying Varnish

Quick Drying Interior Varnish – A high quality translucent satin finish which protects and enhances interior surfaces, providing a scuff and water resistance finish. General purpose interior finish.

Crown Varnish Interior Woodcare

Crown Trade: All Purpose Varnish

Interior Varnish – A high quality varnish which protects and enhances all interior wood surfaces, providing a scuff resistance finish which is easy to clean. For interior and exterior use. Hard wearing and easy to apply.