Rails and Tracks

  1. Swish Supreme Glide,
  2. 1080 Hand Drawn Track,
  3. 1280 Hand Drawn Track,
  4. 3900 Corded Track,
  5. Ultraglide Extendible Corded Track,
  6. KS Klick System Hand Drawn Track,
  7. Swish Deluxe,
  8. Discreet Track & Regular Cord Drawn Track

Discreet & Ultraglide




PPT Plastic Track


Swish Deluxe


A heavy duty PVC track offering superior functionality for heavy weight curtain fabrics up to 13.6kgs (30lbs). Deluxe is ideal for deep curtain headings and gives excellent light control when ceiling fixed. Its rear hung gliders can be added or removed at any point along the track and are specially coated to enhance performance. This versatile track can be wall or ceiling fixed, trimmed to size and is ideal for straight or bay windows using the Swish leverlock bracket system. Rails can be also joined together to make longer lengths

Available Colours

Available Sizes
125cm, 150cm, 175cm, 200cm, 225cm, 250cm & 275cm